With many years of experience in our industry, we now offer welding consulting and lessons. Many people would like to learn how to weld or currently have basic welding skills, but need assistance with fabrication planning and design aspects. We also believe that many field superintendents and project managers in the construction field can benefit from informational consultations to learn specific aspects of drawings pertaining to field welding, welding processes and fabrication so they will be more knowledgeable when communicating with their welding subcontractors. This can make projects more cost-effective, increase understanding and decrease miscommunication.

Welding consulting services that we offer include:

  • Design and fabrication consulting – Ideal for the person who has basic welding skills and can do their own welding, but isn’t knowledgeable with the best material or finish for the job or the strongest or most effective way to construct their items. We will assist with preparing sketches and suggesting fabrication methods and material choices and suggesting local suppliers for materials.
  • Welding lessons – Many people have a desire to learn basic welding skills, whether you are a DIYer, a person looking to obtain basic skills to enter into the welding trade, a company that would like a key maintenance employee to learn welding skills, or somebody with current welding knowledge, but the desire to learn a welding process that is new to you, we can tailor a package to meet your needs.
  • Informational consulting – Consulting to familiarize a field superintendent, project manager or shop foreman with specific aspects of drawings, including shop drawings to improve communication with welding subcontractors or employees.  We can also assist with preparing specific welding procedures by AWS standards.

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